Mustard Seed's Beginning

​​We rely heavily on donations to fund neighborhood projects.  Your donation is greatly needed and will be greatly appreciated.  All donations are tax deductible.  

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Home Rehabilitation

Mustard Seed volunteers work within the 73114 zip code providing assistance during emergency situations and help for those in despair.

Weekly Prayer Service

Weekly prayer, noon every Thursday at Mustard Seed Development Corp., 701 W. Britton Road, Oklahoma City, OK  73113.  Open to all who want to join in giving thanks and prayer for others..

Good Neighbor Training

Mustard Seed offers a 3 hour discussion of why God calls us to know and care for each other where we live.  It sets up structure and methods for organizing block by block..

Community Leader Development

Being part of the community allows us to support and encourage those who are called to make a difference for themselves and neighborhood..

Cecilia Norwood, Administrative Assistant

In the fall of 2000, Dan Short was invited to a meeting of people who were strategically investing in one of Oklahoma City's poorest areas.

Short had met the group a few weeks earlier when volunteering as door to door surveyor in the North Highland neighborhood in near Northwest Oklahoma City, considered one of the poorest and most at risk areas of the city.  The survey sought to measure residents' support for several possible community services to be located in a large vacant and undeveloped site nearby.

As they met with Dan, they explained the many challenges facing the people in the neighborhood and outlined a series of efforts to respond to the needs of youth and families which had emerged over the previous five years.  Several ministries had sprung up including a health clinic, food pantry, clothes closet, youth recreation groups, after school study sessions and others all nurtured by the encouragement and support of local Pastor of Britton Christian Church, Mike Hays, and many volunteers.

Their idea was to acquire a section of land and develop it as a "community centerpiece" including new affordable homes for first time homebuyers, senior and other - abled rental housing, recreation fields, a community center and some retail and commercial uses.  After explaining the history of their efforts and detailed the harsh and challenging needs faced by so many of the people in the 73114 zip code and they wondered if Short would consider the challenge?

Dan and his wife Gae had drafted a business plan to begin a new sales venture and were on the threshold of launching it when this "God opportunity" was presented to them in the late fall of 2000.  After much prayer and deliberation, conversations with residents, clergy and an intense study of the Census data for the 73114 zip code, they committed to accept the invitation, abandoned their plans to start a business and dedicated themselves fully to the people and the needs in that area.  Mustard Seed was born in January 2001.

Mustard Seed is a faith-based mission of presence, prayer, and service.  We cooperate with God's people to share His joy, hope, and desire for justice in our local neighborhoods.

Vision - We will see an end to 'us vs. them' when diverse communities bring their skills, time, and talents together to seek and develop local leadership, economic security, and peace.

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